Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

So over the weekend I decided to Cyber Crop and participate in National Scrapbook Day, with Blue Bazaar..

I created some LO's for the following themes:
Firstly one of my favourites 7 Gypsies, how cute are those little 7G arrows!!I took this pic on the way home from holidays so naturally I called this Home Bound!

and for a close up of my little birds, I just luv these stamps from the 7 Gypsies Calis, Range..
The next theme was a Making Memories LO, so I had to pull out some old stash...and added a bit of new as well for this one, one of my favourite old products of MM, is their Mesh, you can see it on this LO here:

I also created my first ATC Card, the theme being here's what I did;very basic..but it's a start!

And finally a LO that had to include some markers or Pens, I decided to go with oil pastels( very messy) be careful if you try this, I managed to get crayon all over my page LOL, once again this is the first time I had tried something like this!and for a little close up...

so I had a fun weekend, really need to stock up on some more creative stamps I think , especially if I want to create more interesting ATC's!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inkurable Stampers April Challenge..

Birds and Butterflies, I don't think about flies! This months challenge over at theme was "Wings" so I decided to use a fly stamp, that was begging for some use....
Here is my take on the challenge, a Happy Halloween Card!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Challenge 7 for the BOM

Ok , so challenge 7 is up for the BOM at Scrapbook Savvy, decided to go with a LO about the animal/ anomals you luv..I had this gorgeous pic of a polar bear that I took earlier in the year so, I was able to use it!!Who couldn't luv these beautiful creatures!

Here is the LO...

123 challenge April

So here is my take on the 123 challenge for April, these pics are from Elly and I at Ice skating, I tell you it was soo funny it might sound mean but taking your kids ice skating for the first time is something else, I couldn't stop laughing, they looked liked rappers on ice especially Zac, but we had soo much fun! A great family day out!
The challenge was
1.Use a hand made embellishment- top right paper clip, made by Melinda Taylor in a swapp
2. Use a household item, I used a dish sponge ( clean of course, lol)
3.Use the word Showers or April, well showers was my word of choice, please I was showered in laughter!!bottom right..
Here is my LO.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little creatures

When the kids arrived home yesterday after going to the park , Kye came in all excited with a box and said " look what I've got mum" , I looked and thought Ohh, what could this be, and when he opened it up I found snails, and all I could think was o.k I can deal with this , at least they aren't messy, so we set up a little habitat and as far as we know they eat lettuce and mushrooms, they are actually quite cute! So I couldn't help but take a few snap shots...

And we havn't got around to naming them all yet!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Friday..

So, I've decided to add this to my blog, last week on Friday, I decided to back to JC to get back on track with my weight issue, and I was shocked to see that I had gone from my goal weight at 50kg to 58.05, so I've managed to gain 8kg over a period of this is it time to get my but into gear and nuckle down for real, so I'll go back each Friday and weigh myself and nothing in between..I've added a list in the side bar to keep me honest as the weeks count down...wish me luck!

As for this afternoon I posted the 6th challenge for the BOM at Scrapbook Savvy, this is a LO about, or a tribute LO on a is mine....